Wedding Day Tips

As you start planning out the details of your big day, take a look at some pointers for all the different parts of your day. Taking these tips into consideration will help to make your wedding day as seamless and relaxed as possible, and will help us in taking the most beautiful photos we can.

Getting Ready

Where to get ready

If possible, please try and avoid getting ready in a bathroom or crammed room with insufficient or artificial light. Natural ambient light is the best. Bring yourself a mirror and chair if you need to so you can relocate to a place that's more open and has better lighting.

Try and keep your getting ready areas clean and clutter free (even if it means just stashing everything behind a closet door). It'll help us to move around easier - and it'll look a lot prettier in the photos!

with this in mind, having one place for all your special objects from the day is a great way to make sure nothing is misplaced or forgotten and gives us a great starting point for pictures. This could include invitations, jewelry, flowers, or remembrances.  We want to make sure everything you hold dear has a photograph and place in your wedding memories.


As you're planning what time you need to be ready by, build yourself a nice padded buffer. If we've learned anything - you will always run late! Even we ran behind schedule at our own wedding. And if by some miracle everything runs on time, this will give you extra time to relax before the ceremony! 


First look

A first look is where the bride and groom choose to see each other prior to the ceremony. This helps to calm the nerves and anxiety - but more so, it gives them a moment to themselves before the ceremony starts and they're in front of all their friends and family. It's a great way to see each other, take it all in and share the anticipation of the day. In terms of practicality, a First Look makes for a much easier timeline for family photos.  Of course, if a first look isn't right for you, and seeing your partner at the of the aisle is you're dream, we  love that too. 


Family photos can be hectic and can quickly become chaotic and overwhelming. We will work closely with you and work to do preparations before the big day so that we can cruise through these photos. Sometimes during family photos, a guest will want to "just quickly take a photo with my phone". Having people with multiple cameras distracts the people being photographed from looking into my camera and also takes away valuable time from you two being able to get back to your celebration. We're more than happy to tell your guest not to use cameras at this time but itโ€™s usually more effective coming from the couple.

Also, contacting the important people in your life before hand with requests to come a bit early or stick around after the ceremony will ensure everyone is present when we are taking those precious family photos.  Make sure Grandpa Joe knows to stay seated after the ceremony, or ask your sister or best friend to make sure your god children are dressed and napped before the ceremony so we don't have to send out a search party when it's time for their photos. Even asking a close family member or friend who knows most of the key players to run point when gathering family can be extremely helpful.



We know that normally there is very little flexibility with when and where the ceremony is held. If there are adjustments that can be made, it's important to consider what the light will look like. One of the worst situations for a photographer is when the couple is standing in half sun - half shade (or dappled light). One of the best scenarios for a photographer is for the couple to be in full shade (much like an overcast day). Closer to the evening is also better so the light is directional. Mid afternoon sun is typically the worst-case scenario for outdoor weddings. Please reach out to us if you'd like our help in figuring out when and where would be best - we love doing on-site research and helping you figure out the best spot!


Yes, yes, we know how important it is to get a photo of the wedding up onto Instagram, but it's best to save the selfies for the reception or the dance floor. Right as the ceremony is about to begin, we suggest having someone make a formal announcement to your guests to stay seated during the ceremony. Or, even better, to not use any electronic devices.  Even a simple ask to unplug or an invitation to be present during the ceremony can go a long way. When guests are using their phones throughout the ceremony, it is not only a physical hindrance, but we aren't able to capture those beautiful candids of their genuine emotions. 



Most wedding caterers and planners will prioritize feeding everyone else before feeding vendors. Though we understand that your wedding guests are important, this is a big problem for photographers. When vendors are fed last, we normally end up getting our food right as you're about to start toasts or your first dance. If we are being fed far away from the reception, this runs the risk of us missing it. Or we end up trying to shove an entire plate of food into our mouths in about 30 seconds - and that's just not pretty. The best timing is for us to eat when you guys eat. You're most likely not going to want us snapping photos of you chewing so we can take advantage of that break to feed ourselves!

Please relay and emphasize this information to your planner and caterer. When it's just us asking them at the wedding, they will just turn us away. And if possible, please confirm that the "vendor meal" is actually a real meal. Sometimes, we are just given a cold dinner roll and an apple. Dinner is crucial for us because it's typically our only full meal of the day - and we want to be sure we're fully fueled and ready for the dancefloor! 


The most glorious and magical light of the day, "Golden Hour", is the last hour of daylight before sunset. Make it a priority as you're building your schedule to block out some time for some portraits of just the two of you. Even though we will take portraits earlier in the day, having some time during golden hour is still important. At this point in the night, you'll be more relaxed and less stressed, and this translates in your portraits. Try to block out at least 30 minutes - but if you can afford the time, we'll take as much as you'll spare. And bring some comfortable shoes! Sometimes we like to take people places that arenโ€™t exactly easy to access with heels so having something comfortable to walk in during this time would be perfect.