We are so excited to be working with you! Here's what you can expect going forward.


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    First things first! Let’s take some photos! If you have any questions about your engagement session, please take a look at this page we’ve create for FAQ.

    After that, e-mail me one or two dates that work for your schedules sometime around 2 hours before sunset; generally on a week day.

    Sessions are up to 1.5 hours long and include as many locations and outfit changes we can fit into that time together.

    Images are delivered after 2 weeks and your gallery link will be sent directly to you. You can download the full set of high resolution images, share the gallery with friends and family, or curate your gallery by hiding images yourself that you might not want everybody to see.

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    Now that you’re all booked, we’re pretty much in a holding pattern until 3 months before your wedding day. At that time, you’ll receive an e-mail to pay the remainder of your invoice. You’ll also receive a questionnaire to fill out. Only worry about the questions that are relevant to your wedding day and no need to go into too much detail.

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    Your contract has been signed and sent back via email. If you ever need a copy of your Invoices, Contracts, or Payments related to your booking we have them on file and would be happy to send you a copy.

    Note! A payment can be made at any time and in any amount, just let us know and we will apply it to your invoice.

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    If you decide to add or remove hours, or want to make any changes to your currently booked package, then just shoot US an e-mail at Hello@evokinglight.com and WE’ll make it happen.

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    Photo Booth

    If you haven’t checked it out already, go look at our Photo Booth page and learn all about the super sleek, super fun Halo Booth. It’s a great addition to your party and a great way to get your guests moving and excited!

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    All of your high resolution, print-ready images are hosted for 1 year on our site.

    You will also have access to a “download all” button in the upper right corner of your gallery so you can have a personal backup of every image.

    Feel free to share your gallery link with any friends and family. You have the ability to hide any photos you might not want everyone to see when you login with the e-mail address and password provided in the gallery delivery e-mail. 

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    Your heirloom Wedding Album

    If you’ve ordered a wedding album, you will receive your album design after delivery of your wedding gallery.  We use a super responsive online software that makes it easy to review, upgrade, and approve your album design. After the design is approved and hand edited, your album will be made and delivered right to your door. If you have any questions about our albums, please take a look at this page we’ve create for FAQ or contact us directly!